Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Thank you School kit

Talofa lava Everyone
Today School kit gave us the little garden plant tray . We were working on our plants which you can also call flowers. I learnt some new words that are part of Botany (Botany is the study of plants) These words can be used to explain how we planted seeds today. So the plant I planted today was a sweet pea. When I added water to the soil tablet it started expanding and I watched it break down into a soil mixture.

To be continued

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Zoo trip

Talofa lava bloggers

I will be telling you about my day at the zoo today. First of all we went on riches bus and travelled across to the Auckland Zoo, the first animal that we all saw was a red panda up climbing the trees. My Favourite bit at the zoo was when we saw the tigers,Asian elephants,loins,Alligators, several cats,rhinoceros, and Tasmanian devils. 

Monday, 21 August 2017

My Word Cloud

你好 bloggers.

So today I created a word cloud for my cyber smart.  We first went our site to get on this then next we went on our history and pressed CTRL H to access our history, then we pressed CTRL C to copy it and put it in our blog post after you press CTRL C then you press CTRL V to paste it in your blog post or document or what ever you are doing.
By Tyrone hope you enjoy my story.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

My observation of the chickens

Talofa everyone and welcome back to another blog post about the chickens that we have at our school.
Here's a picture of the life cycle of a chicken. 

Everybody all likes baby chickens. But if we want to see them hatch you have to put them in an incubator. The incubator mimics a mother. There is bulb which has a light bulb inside the incubator which has to be 39.7 degrees. The eggs need a lot of heat so it doesn’t die. Inside the incubator there is an electric arm that rotates the egg so that both sides have enough heat. When the chickens hatch they are covered in liquid so when they have hatched they are kind of wet. Here is a picture of our class chickens

Aug 17, 2017 12:46:31 PM.jpg  

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

King of pop Footsteps

Whoop Whoop Holla everyone and welcome to my blog post.

Today we dancing with a lady named Kate. She showed us how to do some Micheal Jackson moves, Here is my favourite one my one was when you had to isolate your knees and say ''hehe''. One thing challenging for me was learning the dance moves straight away. Have you ever struggled to learn new moves? If not, please share your secret with me. A reason why Kate should come back to our school to teach us some more fabulous moves, I think Kate should come back to our school because I love dancing and she teaches me some new moves add into my own dance moves.

Here's a video if you want a peek of our dance we did Scroll down.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Teaching the juniors in Bishop class

Talofa bloggers and welcome back to week two!

Today my class and I worked alongside Bishop class (Year 2/3) as part of a Tuakana/Teina session.

Tuakana means the older person and Teina means the little person

First we discussed how to be effective Tuakana. I learned that I have to talk more about the activity that I was doing with the Teina.

The biggest challenge I came across was communicating with my buddy's by sitting next to the teina and talking to them.

Next week I am looking forward to doing another activity by doing all of the things that I didn't do today.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Merc camp

Merc camp

At merc we did a lot of activity's my Favourite activity was everything after every activity we would have a shower or just get change into dry clothes. Every night everyone would go into the hall play some games and then write in there camp book about things they did that day. When I did The giants ladder me and my buddy were climbing up this massive ladder and every ladder you would go up the wider it will get and when it would get to long we would have to pre pose to our partner so they could stand on your leg and jump up on the next latter after when we would be at the top you would have to jump down and undo yourself like take everything of you that you were wearing and the next person would go.

By Tyrone