Thursday, 11 May 2017

Kia Toa Performance

Bula vinaka and welcome to my blog post. 

Toady I was lucky enough to see Bernard Managakahia perform for our school. His show was about how to be resilient. Here is an example how do you do a one handed clap? try figure it out if you don't know the  answer to my question here is the answer to get the qustion right get 2 people and then clap hands together. Bernard's whiff's dad was the fist to ever climb the mountain called  kilimanjaro. Here are some facts about Bernard he climbed the biggest mountain in east Africa that was almost 6,000 feet high the mountain the he climbed was could kilimanjaro. Bernard travelled around the world to perform for schools to show them what resilient looks like. Bernad's dad was in the New Zealand army for 20 years his hero was helen keller every time he would com peat in something he would look at his wall and on his  wall will be helen keller he believed that ever thing he would do he can do it one way to show resilient is to keep on practising and never ever give up. 

Thank you for reading my blog post be free to comment and share your resilient's with me...  

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Starting term two with a smile

Bonjure and welcome back to term two.

Today I learnt how to skateboard. First of all, we all put the gear on.  All of that took Pohatu class 18 minutes. After all of that, we went into how to make the skateboard not move when you are going down a hill. It is very simple you had just to put your two legs on each side and hold it tight. After a while, we started to do some laps up and down our school courts. We had to try and push the whole way back and fourth. It was very fun for me and Pohatu class were having a nice time. We all learnt how to push the skateboard with one foot by covering to screws on the top of the penny skateboard.

Here is a video for the steps

Here are some steps if you don't know what comes first and last

step one was to put your knee pads on
step two was to put on elbow pads on
step three was to put your wrist guard's on
step four was to put your helmet on and clip it up