Tuesday, 20 October 2015

My first blog post

Kia ora bloggers,

My name is Tyrone and welcome to my blog
 I am so happy that I have my own blog for the first time. Also I wanted a blog when I was 3. then I stated in room 9 and I got my own blog. Also thank you to my teacher  for giving me a blog and i'm so happy and excited for my blog.


  1. Hi Tyrone
    I like your first blog post and I like how you have cake. Your work is very creative and cool at the same time. That cakes looks really delicious, how did you get that cake?
    Here is my

    From Sitaleki

  2. Hi Tyrone,
    It is so so fun having your own new blog? Just to remind you a blog is all about shearing your learning on your blog. It is just like you and your friend shearing your learning by talking but a blog is all about shearing your amazing blog posts. Hope you like your very new blog!! GOOD LUCK!!!
    Here is my blog:

    From James

  3. Hi Tyrone,
    Congratulation for making your own very first blog post and having one as well.
    It's nice to know that you have wanted to have your own blog since you were 3 years old.
    It also cool that you have put in a cake with hearts showing that you have wanted to have a blog for a very long time and know you have. Maybe your next step should be a blog post about yourself kind of like a All About Me blog post, so that people know how you look like and also learn about you as well.
    Overall, it is cool that you have your own blog well done.

    From Rita
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